Prototype Alley-Bocceball Court

Marketline is introducing its new Bocceball Scoreboard, a great addition to liven up a home community. Bocceball, a ball sport dating back to the Roman Empire, is a fun and engaging activity that can be played by people of all ages, gender, and athletic abilities.

The scoreboard itself will have a set of standard rules and regulations, along with visual assistance, to help players get started. Players are encouraged to create additional rules to keep things interesting.

The scoreboard will utilize a sliding track feature to record scores and keep the competitive spirit alive. A pair of wire baskets are also attached to the sides of the scoreboard for ball storage, so balls won’t get lost. That way residents will able to play Bocceball anytime they want!

Marketline’s Bocceball Scoreboard is a great way to bring your local community together and encourage physical activity. In an age where everyone is becoming increasingly attached to electronic devices and digital media, our bocceball scoreboard will encourage people to get outdoors and have some old-fashioned fun!

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