Art Guidelines

Art Guidelines

File Transfers

Files smaller than 10MB please email to:

Marketshare recommend using (2 GB Free Account)

Creating a Dropbox Account:

Open a Web browser, and go to

Click "Login" then "Create Account"

Type your first and last name, enter your email address and type a password. the strength of the password is indicated by a colored bar under the "Password" text field. Check "I Agree to Dropbox Terms of Service" then click "Create Account" The Dropbox desktop software will automatically download.

Install Dropbox. Click "I Already Have a Dropbox Account" then click "Next". click the 2GB radio button that comes with the free Dropbox account, then click "Next"

Click the "Typical" radio button, then press "Install"

Read more:


Never use spaces or special characters in filenames!!!

use brief and descriptive naming

use 20 characters or less

include a file extension (.pdf, .doc, .jpg, .jpeg, .ai, .psd, .eps, tif, etc)

include identifiers such as project, filename, and date in the name.

Important File Format Information:

Multiple graphic files can be combined and compressed into one file using .tar, .sit, .sea, or zipped .zip

Always include linked images and fonts. Please do not embed images into illustrator. We prefer fonts to be outlined. For revision, send the font.

Vector file preferred over other formats if possible. Format as .ai or .eps

All bitmap files should be at least 150 ppi at full size. Preferred format is .jpeg or .tiff

To ensure correct color output, please provide the PMS colors or a hardcopy of the art marked "match color to this print" and have it laid out in PMS upon delivery.

Applications and File Formats: we can accept the current version and lower.

Software Application File Extensions File Content Type
Illustrator CS .ai, .eps Logos, floorplans, plot maps, area maps, sign art
Photoshop 7 .psd, .tif, .jpg Rendering, photographs, streetscaps
Corel Draw 9 Sign art only
CAD and Acrobat .pdf Used for reference only, not for output

Disk Formats

Zip, CD, Diskette, DVD

Remember!Signs are not books. It is best not to use too much copy.